3/10/18 - Testimonial from Tricia Hart - Elmhurst IL


 Ignite Hope- So true to its name! I purchase several candles at a benefit as I know several people with cancer and thought "What a Great Idea"! I brought a candle home for myself , because who doesn't love candles. I was sitting alone one night with my beautiful candle burning and noticed a silver little scroll appear, I couldn't wait to read my message. I opened it and read my handwritten inspiration"You are Beautiful". I had been feeling quite lonely that evening and my spirit was lifted immediately.


I am healthy and this message was so uplifting to me, I can only imagine how wonderfully helpful and inspirational they are to someone battling cancer or any other disease!


Thank you Ignite Hope for the kind words and lifting so many spirits! Great way to Ignite Hope In All Of us!


IgniteHope is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


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